Odd truths

My blog is all about sharing honestly with strangers.  However, like many other sex bloggers there comes a time when life and our secret selves meet, which sometimes makes it difficult to share some things online as we fear hurting those that we know and care about.

However I have been looking for a Domme to continue my training when I cannot be with Master.  I seek a friend that I can play with and be myself with, a lady I can trust implicitly, while  attempting to push some limits and fulfilling my need for submission.

In my quest I have had some funny, sad and odd encounters, such is the world of Craigslist I suppose.

Recently my ad was responded to by someone I did not expect at all, a non-op transvestite.  It was a very new experience, I’d never even spoken to someone like that (well that I know of) and then I had this opportunity, to meet and get to know one, and possibly play with one……how would that feel?

I will share some details soon….


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