A BBC Snippet

There is much I’d like to say about my bbc play date, but organizing those thoughts into something I can write down has been slow, so instead I will share a snippet of our time that resounds in my memory.  Master mostly watched, took pictures and held my hand when needed…..

I lay on my back, my legs spread wide, my head dangling off the bed.  He pushed his cock deep into my mouth, taking my breath away.

He thrust and thrust, his fingers finding and squeezing my nipples at the same time.  My body arched as my cries and moans were muffled by his cock filling my mouth and throat.  I struggled as I gagged, pulling away but always going back for more.

His hands reached between my legs and he slid something inside me, pushing….pulling….filling me deeply, over and over.photo 7

I heard the hum, then groaned loudly as I felt the wand pressing against my clit.  My legs spread wider, my body trembled.

Somehow I felt a sharp pain in my nipples, but it did not matter.  Whose hands were where?  I did not care.

I could barely breathe as his cock shoved in and out of my mouth but I rose up eagerly, desperate for the fucking and vibing not to stop.

I reached and reached, sucking deeply, just wanting to cum.

A litany ran through my mind “please don’t stop, please don’t stop, please please please….”

I shook and I reached…..I gagged and I sucked…..and with a muffled scream I came, waves ripping through me, my hands gripping him closer, my body convulsing, my mind floating away.

I trembled, I shook, and I sucked…..dimly I heard “that’s it, there you go….”

And I sucked…..


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