Domme / gf search continues

So I’ve renewed my CL ad and actually got what seemed like a good response!  Oops, guess I gave away the outcome a little there didn’t I?

Anyway, the initial email was written in proper English, and had a lovely picture with it.  In hindsight I realize the picture should have been a red flag.

It did seem odd that such a gorgeous Domme would reply to a CL ad, and send her pic right away…..and she was not in Dommy garb, just a regular bursting cami and jeans.  *sigh* I still have much to learn.

So I replied, and she responded, asking to know more about me.  My first email inquired about her location, after all, I am looking for someone to meet with so she needs to be fairly local.  She did not respond to that (2nd red flag?) and when I sent her some basic info about me I ended with “What else would you like to know?”.

Below is the response I received back;

“Ok Beth I want to know what u are wearing plus if u have a webcam & are will to wear what I say with in reason email me back”

So the English has fallen apart, and what do I need a webcam for if we will be meeting?  And wait…..who the h%&*l does not have a webcam these days?

So dear readers, want to vote?

Do you figure she’s a he?  Just trying to get me naked on cam?  Would “she/he” then proceed to spread my pics/vids all over the net?

So “she’s” knocked off the list, thank goodness I have SOME sense!

Of course there is the other lovely response I received;

“I’ll be your Dom you lil fucking bitch.. I would love to take control of your slave ass… “

Really?  Who sends this stuff?  Oh….I’m charmed now!

lol….have a good one dear readers, hope you are as amused as I am!


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