I recognize the signs, now what?

Years ago I felt that something was off, well more off than usual that is.

Anyway, after some confusing times, and some research, I figured I was showing signs of depression and I discussed it with my doctor.

I was very lucky, he wrote me a prescription, which worked right away and within a year I was able to come off of the pills and have always been grateful that the difficult time passed.  I can remember how horrible I had felt, and once it passed I knew the difference.

Lately I find myself showing some of the same symptoms and I am worried.

While the pills worked I do remember the side effects and I do not want to go through that again.  For the year I was practically never able to orgasm, plus it took about 6 months after coming off the pills for my sexual desire to return to “normal”.

Now I cum everyday, most days several times…..and I LOVE it!

But besides the side effects, I am also nervous that I won’t be lucky the second time around.  Most people who go on anti-depressives have to spend months just playing with the type and dosage, dealing with the frustrating doctors visits and ineffectiveness of the entire process.

So for now my “treatment” will have to be working out, enjoying my wine, and time away from the normal routine….fresh air and sunshine.

Wish me luck 🙂


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