McDoms live on

Since Master and I have decided we would really like me to have a Domme to work with and to help train me when he is not around, we’ve been keeping our eyes open.

I did meet a nice couple, but they are a couple and she is very busy socially.  Ideally we were hoping for someone that I could do girl stuff with as well, become friends with, as I really would like to have a female friend I do not have to hide part of myself from.  Not to mention some girl stuff can be intertwined with tasking or playing :).

We will see what happens with the couple, but in the meantime we decided I should place a CL ad.

It is a pretty straight forward clear ad.  I specify that I am an owned sub, that Master is often out of town and that we are looking for a Domme (female) to further my training.  I am specific in the ad that she would have to coordinate and communicate with Master, that things need to be approved by him first.

Anyway, big surprise my first response was from a “Dom” who said he has a sub that he has taught to dominate and that he was interested also and that I would “love” him.

Now I like to be polite and respond to the fairly intelligent responses I receive, however this one gave me a couple of pauses.  First there were spelling/grammar errors in a few short sentences (hate that), and second the “love” him annoyed me… my opinion, that word should never be thrown around casually.

So I could have simply ignored his response, but my devilish side got the better of me and I decided to respond.

I was polite, I thanked him for his interest but reiterated that I am owned by a Master I adore and I am not interested in another.  Think that would be the end of it?  HELL NO!  But we all knew that right?

The next 3 emails I will quote as I want to be sure not to “slant” anything.

Him; Well you never met me, and i’m very confident. But put that aside a
slave or sub needs to be shown attention, you said her is in another
sate? or travels alot, so i can give you you’re fix while he is gone.
Trust me honey i’m the real deal and have own 24/7 live in slaves. I’m
training a female now ot be a DOM.

Now I am annoyed….my response;  Just the fact that you have ignored my polite response and are attempting to poach a sub from another Dom tells me you are nowhere near “the real deal”.  Loyalty and respect are important aspects of any D/s relationship and you apparently have neither.
Do not email me again.

In hindsight I realize it might have gone better had I said “please do not email me again” but did he really deserve it?

I had hoped it was done but…..

He; Jesus christ you’e fucking idiot and have not read anything.  I’m sick
of you newbies thinkg you know everything when you dont knwo shit.
first of you dont tell me what to do, because i ill smack him and put
you in check. second of all just because this guy feeds you bullshti
does not mean i do.  You’re lost yoiu nuct job!!!

*sigh* where do I start?  The spelling?  The barely decipherable sentences?  Or the pure horrid anger?

Now, while this was amusing for me, it was also scary.  I can’t help but think about the “newbies” he mentions ending up with him, even for one minute.  The damage someone like him can do is horrible to think about.  Emotional, physical…..

McDoms are dangerous, there is no other way to say it.


5 thoughts on “McDoms live on

  1. The problem is that most of us males think, talk and type with our dicks. It’s a clumsy arrangement that nearly always leads to spelling mastikes. In a futile attempt to hone this skill, WE REPLY TO EVERYTHING, bashing away at the keyboard with our dicks, sometimes ferociously. Even now as I sit here, bashing away with my dick over the keyboard, knowing that I’m writing to a real woman, it’s likely to just get far too exciting and end up with a sticky …….. oh wait, that actually just happened. You should probably wipe down your screen now.
    Where was I? Doesn’t matter, I’ve lost interest.
    sev xx 😉

  2. Gosh, I know this wasn’t the point of your post but I so undeerstand wanting to have a girl friend who could understand your kink side.
    I’ve always tended to hang around with blokes so I sometimes feel I really miss out on ‘girly’-ness entirely let alone understanding ones.

    Anyway I really hope you find someone lovely to Domme you and have fun with you.

    Faile xx

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