After the slutty adventure…..well sort of

My friend took my hand and whisked me away, back to the couple area where there was no one else but us.

We were on the second floor, on a little love seat with a big window in front of us, looking down onto the movie and the singles section.  He put his arm around me and pulled me down onto him as we talked.  We joked about the movie, he asked if I wanted to watch it and I replied that I did not want to miss the ending.

As we sat together I could not help but reach between his legs.

“Mmmm” he said “Yes, I want mine too”

He took his cock out and I bent down to take him into my mouth.  I sucked him a bit and then moved down to lick his balls.  We’ve played often enough, I know he enjoys having his balls licked.

He groaned and I moved back to his cock.  He held my head close to him as he fucked my mouth fast and deep, the curve of his cock touching the back of my throat, often making me gag.

My eyes watered, I struggled to breathe and I sucked him harder.

He stood and pushed his pants down, his cock level with my face.  He pulled my head tight against him, holding me, groaning with his cock buried deep in my throat.

He fucked my mouth fast, then slow, sometimes stopping to feel me gag around him.

I reached my hands up, cupping and stroking his balls, his hands were wrapped in my hair as he pushed deeper and with a groan filled my throat with his cum.

I pulled away and leaned back, looking up at him with my mouth overflowing with his cum.

I smiled at him as I swallowed….happy to taste him.

mmmmmm beth

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