Erotic….in the eye of the beholder?

My Master tasked me to take the picture below, and yes it is of me.

The picture did not come out as tasked, the flash failed and luckily (for me) Master found the resulting photo erotic.

He suggested I post the picture to my blog.  Now I personally do not find water sports, or pee play arousing, however Master does.  I am not quite sure if he is aroused more by the play itself, or the fact that he knows it makes me uncomfortable, and he loves to see me squirm.

I’d love some feedback here, do you enjoy water sports?  If you do what do you think it is that arouses you about it?  Have you always found it arousing or is it a learned thrill?  Do you enjoy everything about it?  Or do you have a limit?

Please comment, I enjoy getting other perspectives.


6 thoughts on “Erotic….in the eye of the beholder?

  1. I’m not at all interested in water sports. Never have been. That seems to be an extension of humiliation/degradation. I’m still conflicted with those aspects of D/s as well. Seems hard to reconcile those activities within a “loving” relationship. But I obviously still have much to learn.

    • Not every activity is for everyone. When I started to explore my submission I realized that there would be many things I would have the potential to try that I may not like, but I was generally determined to give most things at least a “taste”.
      Now as an owned submissive I am filled with the desire to please him, as he does me. This sometimes means venturing into things I am not crazy about, but on the other side, if something is truly horrid for me, he understands.

  2. I was never into water sports. In fact, I thought it rather gross. However, I have since changed my mind. With my ex Master, I wanted him to piss on me. The interesting thing is, I never felt it was degradation or humiliation play. In fact, it wasn’t. He didn’t piss on me while calling me names or telling me awful things. It may sound weird to many, but his pissing on me was just another intimate act between us. He had never done anything like that and neither had I. It was exciting for the both of us. He pissed on me the first time to see how it would feel, emotionally and mentally. We both walked away from that loving it. The second time he pissed on me was under my request to have him piss on me while I gave myself an orgasm. It was really really hot to me.

    Now, when I meet other people who are into it, I enjoy giving them the thrill of seeing me pee. I have never pissed on anyone myself. I certainly would do it if asked to.

    I’m not sure if I would call this a limit, because I think I would give it a try, but I’m not interested in drinking piss. My own or someone else’s. That would be something I’d have to think about. I may be ok with letting someone piss into my mouth if I were allowed to spit it out, but drinking it makes me uneasy.

    • I felt the same, I know my Master wants to explore it further and with him it’s not so much humiliation as a duty I think….not sure if that is the proper description but it’s the best I can think of. Also, considering how much it pleases him, his happiness takes away any feeling of degradation that might lie under the act itself.

  3. I’d never been interested in watersports until I met up with a sub who was very much into watersports. I’m generally open to experimentation, so we immediately set about exploring her limits. There were none. And now every time I pee in a toilet, I feel a little sad.

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