A Typical Day part 2

The morning passed by quickly, especially after the quick use he’d made of her wetness, with her working in her office space, and him in his.

After a few hours she grew restless and wandered over to his office door.  It was closed and she hesitated, but finally knocked quietly.

“Come in” he said.

She opened the door and immediately got onto her hands and knees before crawling through the door.

He looked over from his computer and smiled.

She crawled over to him and knelt beside him as he worked.  Minutes passed by with him typing away, and her waiting.

She rested her head against his leg, rubbing slightly, sighing as he reached down and ran his fingers through her hair, petting her absent mindedly.

She whined when he removed her hand and he looked down at her.

“What’s wrong slut?”

She looked up at him and said “It’s almost lunch time and I am bored, can we go out for a walk?”

He smiled at her and said “Certainly, why don’t you go get your leash”

She frowned a bit at that but still happy to be going out she went and fetched her leash like he asked.

When she returned he fastened the leash and they proceeded to the door, her crawling obediently behind him.

When they reached the door he stopped “Remove your panties”

Her face started to burn as she realized what he most likely had in mind, she hesitated and looked up at him, hoping he would change his mind.

His determined smile told her that there would be no swaying him from his plan.

She slowly removed her panties and only then did he open the door.  He went outside, pulling a now reluctant slut behind him.

He walked around the yard, keeping her leash taut, paying no mind to her little noises as pieces of rock and hard ground dug into her knees and hands.

Finally he came to a stop in the front of the house, a spot where the bushes parted to allow passage.

The road in front of their home was quiet; the nearest home a block away but still, others walked their dogs or drove by regularly on the way to and from town.

She resisted the pull of the leash, attempting to stay behind the bushes, out of sight of the road.

But he pulled her to the opening in the bushes and indicated the soft dirt around the bushes.

“You may pee there” he said.

She frantically shook her head “But Sir I don’t need to pee”

He smiled and said “Well then I guess we will just wait here until you do”

She dropped her head in misery, knowing that look on his face, nothing would change his mind, he would wait her out.

She slowly crawled onto the dirt, attempting to stay behind the bushes but he would have none of that, and he tugged at her leash until she was positioned almost right in the middle of the opening, in clear view of anyone who drove or walked by.

“Squat” he ordered.

Her face burned, she could feel sweat trickling down her neck as she squatted.  She tried to block everything out of her mind, she tried not to listen for oncoming cars, or to think she heard voices, she just tried to concentrate on getting this over with.

She could hear her heart pounding in her ears as she squatted and willed her bladder to let go.

Nothing happened.

She looked up at him pleadingly “Please Sir, I don’t think I can”

Again he smiled and said nothing.

She looked back down and kept trying.

Finally she felt something, the beginning of a trickle.

“Look at me” he ordered.

She almost sobbed as the trickle stopped and she looked up at him.

Looking into his eyes she tried again.

After several minutes the trickle started again, and quickly turned into a flow that she could not stop if she had wanted to.

“Very good slut”

As he tugged on her leash and she crawled behind him her humiliation was complete as she was forced to crawl through the dirt she had wet, pieces of it sticking to her knees and feet.

As they neared the door he smiled down at her  “You were right, we did need an amusing break outside, thank you for the idea”


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