A surprising lesson part 2

The second day that we spent together started leisurely.  We lazed about a bit and when I got up to go brush my teeth I was rather surprised to see the enema bottle sitting on the counter.

I grew a tad resentful, I had thought that one session would have been enough for our time together but it seemed not.

I dragged through the rest of my morning routine, much of me hoping that if I took long enough to get going he would not bother with the enema.

Unfortunately it seemed he was determined and when the time came he told me to fill the bottle 5 times.  The previous day had been only 2 bottles of liquid so I was quite shocked and protested that 5 would never fit.

My resentment built as each bottle was emptied into me.    He then once again inserted the butt plug but this time we stayed in the bathroom.

He hooked a couple of bungee cords over the wall of the shower and attached the clover clamps to my nipples.

He then had me stand with my back against the wall of the shower and he hooked the chain from the clamps to the bungee cords, making sure the bungee cords pulled the chain tightly, leaving me without much wiggle room, unless I wanted the clamps to hurt more each time they were pulled.  By this time I was completely miserable, I could feel my insides bloating with liquid and all I wanted to do was let it out.

What fun was this, I thought, can’t we just play?  I just knew this was going to be a complete waste of time.

Then he brought out the wand, and pushed my legs apart, forcing me to stand on my toes in order to ease the pull of the clamps,and he started to tease me with the wand.

It was not long before I was wriggling desperately, pushing myself at the wand, not caring about the pain in my nipples as the clamps pulled at them.

My mind kept saying “but you have an enema in, you might explode” but my body did not care.

I panted and pleaded, my resentment forgotten, only one thing mattered, I had to cum!

I was right on the edge, his voice repeating “Not yet”.

I whimpered each time he pulled the wand away, thrusting my hips at him, wanting, needing, so frantic.

He pushed 2 fingers inside me, distracting me a bit with the added pressure.

Now I felt like I needed to pee, I needed to push the plug out, I needed to cum!

“Please Sir please please please” I rambled desperately.

Finally the magic words “Alright, cum for me slut”

I must have woke the building as I forgot the pain, the pressure and concentrated on the need, grinding myself against the wand, letting out a loud cry as I came.

I was in a fog as he released me from the bungee cords, pushed me down onto my knees and shoved his cock into my mouth.

He pushed his cock deep, gagging me, my eyes watered, his hands gripped my hair as he shoved in and out of my mouth, pulling out and cumming with a loud groan onto my face.

My relaxed state was quickly replaced by the pressure still building inside me.  He pulled me to my feet and helped me into the shower, then with a smile he said “You may remove it now”.

With a moan I bent forward and slowly pulled the plug out….


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