A surprising lesson

I am very fortunate that my Master’s job has moved him closer to me.  We have been able to spend much more time together, which is both good and bad…..

On the good side I get to actually be with him, and not always have to depend on chats, emails and camming.  The bad side is that now he gets to explore more evil ideas with me…..some I love, some not so much.

Between work, and him, and “real” life, I’ve been going in too many directions, so I am still trying to get a handle on it all.  I have not had the time to breathe and put much of what we’ve done, or what I’ve experienced and felt into words.

However this one has been on my mind for awhile so I’d like to share it.

A few weeks ago we spent 2 whole days together and it was then that he decided to experiment with enemas :(.

The first day he did not use too much liquid, but he plugged my ass after and tied me down, spread out, with electrical clips attached to my nipples.

I squirmed as I tried to get used to both the discomfort of the plug and the fear that the liquid would just burst out of me!  Silly, I know now, but having had no experience with enemas I did not know what to expect.

At first he just stood in front of me with the remote for the electrical clips, playing with the strength, and with the pattern of shocks.

I moaned and squirmed, even screamed occasionally as he put them on full, still worrying about the enema and what my body was going to do.

Then he sat beside me on the bed and started to play with my clit.  I was shocked when he dipped his fingers inside me to realize how wet I was.  He used my juices to keep his fingers sliding easily over my clit, teasing and playing with me.

As I started to relax and enjoy I would jump as I felt the zap of the electric clips.  It was not long before I was panting and pleading for him to make me cum.

In the back of my mind I still worried about the enema and the plug…..would my cumming release it and cause a mess?  But his playing with me made only one thing matter, I needed to cum!

Finally, after enjoying my pleas, he took pity on me and brought his slut to a loud shuddering orgasm.

Thankfully the plug stayed in, and he untied me and brought me to the bathroom to remove it…..where the mess was much more manageable than on the bed! 

After getting over the humiliation of the releasing of the enema, all I could think about was my shock that I had been able to cum while my insides were filled with an enema, I had never thought it would be possible.  

The next day was even more of a surprise….which I will share soon.


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