Well said

“….how calm­ing and ful­fill­ing, even ecsta­tic, it can feel to be claimed and taken and used by some­one devoted to you and wor­thy of your own devotion.”


“….you just need to be prop­erly main­tained like the pure­bred race-horse that you are. You need to let a Fer­rari stretch its legs some­times; only let­ting it put­ter around on bumpy dirt roads will clog its engine and wreak havoc on its sus­pen­sion. It is designed to rev into the red; it is designed to scream and be dri­ven hard and fast. That’s when it’s doing what it was designed to do.

Emo­tion­ally, you are that horse. You are that Fer­rari. You need to be prop­erly cared for and used. Every sin­gle ounce of you. That’s when you shine. That’s when you nur­ture your­self; when you are forced to be all the female that you are and let the woman take a break.”


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