I wonder

Sometimes I wonder if I am submissive enough to completely give myself over.

I can be stubborn and have difficulty just accepting what Master says sometimes.

While I truly believe that my reason for having difficulty accepting is not without grounds,

I wonder if I am not supposed to be like that, so I doubt my submission.

Then I read of others that seem so accepting, I am not sure this is me.

How will I ever know?  Does any of this make sense to anyone else?


2 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. Your submission is a journey. There are many things that can make you hesitate and no one but you and your Master can judge whether those are valid or not. AS you learn, and most importantly, learn to trust your Master, those things will become less important and your submission will become more complete. Don’t judge yourself too harshly but don’t be complacent either. Just the fact that you are asking the question and examining yourself is a very good thing. “Peace be the Journey.” –Sir Wolf

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