A physical affirmation.

I will tell you right off the bat that all is well again.  My Master and I have come to an understanding we can both live with……for now, I am learning that things are always in flux.

The meeting was very effective and I want to share it with you as it was very pivotal for me.

I arrived in the hotel parking lot at 3, sent him a text and he responded that he was delayed, for me to wait in the parking lot.  About 30 minutes later I received another text with a room number, somehow I had not seen him drive in.

I went to the room and hesitated by the door, butterflies in my tummy.  I knocked and he let me in, his face very serious.

“Give me your collar and remove your clothes” he said

I reached into my purse and handed him my collar, thinking he was going to put it on me.  Instead he turned and put it on the bureau, just laying there.

I removed my clothes and stood waiting.  He came towards me with a length of rope and pulled my arms behind me.  He fastened my wrists tight together behind my back.  For some reason, nothing makes me feel more vulnerable than having my wrists tied behind my back.  He then removed his belt from his jeans and he signaled me to get onto my knees.

I was getting more and more nervous….his serious face was telling me nothing.

I moved carefully down onto my knees.  With his foot he indicated for me to spread my knees wider.  I could feel the ache in my thighs and the wetness between right away….the cool air of the hotel room air conditioning made me shiver.

And still I could see my collar sitting on the bureau.

He then removed his clothes while I waited, he turned back to me and wrapped the belt around my neck.  He came close to my face and between his being taller than me, and my spread knees keeping me closer to the floor, his cock was too high for me to reach comfortably.  He wrapped the belt around his fist and pulled me up by my neck, bringing my mouth closer.

My first thought was for marks….my second was for breathing, and then he pushed his cock deep into my mouth and there were no more thoughts.

Without any further build up he fucked my mouth hard and deep….I chocked…both on his cock and the belt restricting my breathing.  I felt him hitting the back of my throat over and over, tears streamed down my face, his hand pulled the belt tighter.  I managed to barely get little gasps of air between his shoves, my lungs were burning, my throat ached…..I was starting to panic when he finally stopped.

As I slumped and drew in deep breaths, he moved to the bed and placed pillows in the middle, making a pile.  He came back to me and pulled me along to the bed, using the belt as a leash.  He pulled me onto the bed, watching me struggle with my hands still tied behind my back.  Finally I made it up to the bed and he positioned me on my tummy, over the pillows, my ass in the air.  He spread my legs as wide as possible, exposing my pussy and ass to him, my face pushed into the blankets.

He removed the belt from my neck and stood behind me.

I jumped as the belt hit me between my legs.

“Since I have to be careful with marks, your cunt will suffer the most.” he said.

I struggled and jerked as he whipped me over and over, I screamed and pleaded for him to stop….but he did not.

Finally I started to cry….my body shook as I sobbed.  He stopped whipping me but still the tears came.

So lost was I, that I did not feel him get onto the bed until he pushed his cock into me, then out and back in….into my ass.

He grabbed my hips and pushed deep.  My tears turned to moans as I felt him claim me, over and over.

The dam had broke and I felt a weight lifted….his whips, my tears….my pain….all helping take my pain and numbness away.

With a loud groan he came in my ass.  I lay shuddering on the bed and he lay beside me.  He did not move me or free me.

Instead he ran his hands over my body, softly.  My shaking eased as he calmed me.  Then he slipped his fingers inside my wetness, and with a groan I tried to push myself up to him.  He played with my clit while he finger fucked me, whispering into me ear.

“What is it you want slut?

I groaned “I need to cum”

“Is that how you ask?”

“Please Sir….may I cum?”

“Not yet slut…..hold it for me”

I groaned and shuddered, feeling so close to the edge, wanting to let go…..it was not long before I was begging again, then pleading, then desperately babbling…..knowing I could not hold on any longer he finally permitted me to cum.

I came screaming, shaking, barely able to breath between spasms…..mumbling…..”Thank you thank you thank you”

Then he untied me, and fastened my collar around my neck.

I realize now that I needed a release.  I was all wrapped up in emotional ties, causing a numbness and distance, he freed me to serve him properly again.

Thank you Sir.


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