What “Titles” Mean To Me

Life is full of titles…..Mother, Father, Friend, Boss, Husband, Master…..you get the idea.

To me titles mean something.  Some titles are part of life, ie, when you have a child you become a Mother or Father, while other titles are earned such as boss, or friend.

But I believe all titles come with responsibilities and duties, even a simple title like sister, which you don’t choose, you are still responsible to be a good sister, to the best of your abilities and the situation you are in.

Titles are often abused too, especially in the D/s world.  We all know many “McDoms” that assume you will address them as “Sir” or “Master” just because they claim to be a Dom.

Personally I will not address someone as “Sir” until I have interacted with them and determined that they are intelligent, not a “McDom” and are “real”.  Such a title is earned, not assumed.

I do that because the titles mean something to me, I do not lightly call someone friend, I need to have confidence that I can trust and depend on them, as they can me.

The title of “Master” or “Owner” is not something I throw around lightly, I may call play friends “Sir” but to me “Master” or “Owner” is reserved for the one person who has my trust, and who will treasure and respect that trust.

So…..that’s what titles mean to me, what about you?


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