The Desire For Touch

Today I went for a massage.

I don’t know if it was the fact that last week kind of went downhill, and kept going, or simply the firm warm touch of another human, one who does not want anything in return (ok except maybe a nice tip), but I actually felt like crying.

Her hands were so sure of themselves, even provoking erotic thoughts and I wondered how many people have those thoughts when getting a “normal” massage.  I also wonder how many massage therapists are curious, in the back of their minds, about what their client is thinking.

Since I am such a stand offish type of person, the well of emotion that this massage invoked was quite surprising.
As I relaxed and felt her hands massaging my thighs I could not help but miss the touch of a female companion.  As her hands massaged my arms, her fingers brushing lightly across my breast, I had momentary thoughts of having my nipple grasped and squeezed.
When her hands moved down my back and her fingers went under the waist of my panties to push them down a bit further….I half wished she would just keep going and explore me.
Made me appreciate the need for a “happy ending” massage.

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