Dry Picture Day

Today seems to be a dry picture day.  I have been searching and searching but have not found anything to catch my imagination…..so perhaps I will try to draw a picture myself.  Let me know how you think I did.

She was working away when he arrived home and she rushed to the door to greet him, forgetting some things along the way.

She hugged him, chattering away about her day.

She moved back to look into his eyes and her voice died away as she saw his look.

Without another word she pulled away and removed all her clothes.  Wearing only her collar and cuffs she knelt on the floor in front of him and waited.

He reached down and caressed her hair, feeling her tension.

“It’s alright slut, the light in your eyes is so beautiful I will let this go.  But perhaps a few extra strokes tonight before bed.  Now come along”

Relief flooded her body and she crawled closely behind him, feeling the wetness between her legs at the thought of the extra strokes.


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