The Second Meet

Our second meet was short, and public.

It was after I finished work and I did not have much time, so we arranged to meet at an out of the way restaurant/bar.

He instructed me to wear a skirt, cami and heels, no panties or bra.  I was very nervous as even though I was over the “first meet” nerves he has spoken of public play, sharing me with strangers and other humiliating things, which I did not know if I was ready for.  But I was determined to trust him.

I arrived at the restaurant before him and took a seat at the corner of the bar, as he wished.  I ordered a glass of wine, took a sip but was really too nervous to drink much.  And I did not want anything to dull my senses when we were together these first few times.

He entered the restaurant and came to stand beside me.  He did not say a word to me but proceeded to order himself a glass of wine.  Once he had his wine he turned to me and introduced himself, as if we were complete strangers.

He talked a bit about being in town for business and always enjoying meeting new people.

“Especially sexy women like yourself” he said

“Thank you” I responded, unsure where this was going, did he plan to merely tease me with a short platonic meet?  I knew our time was running short.

He had said nothing provocative, done nothing stimulating, was the perfect gentleman, and still I could feel the wetness between my legs.

Both of our glasses of wine were almost done and I excused myself to go the the washroom, for some reason I needed to get my breath back.

In the bathroom I took a deep breath.  As I peed I heard the door open and my heart thudded in my chest.  Footsteps approached my stall, feet came to stop right at the door.

“Open” he ordered.

I struggled to wipe quickly while opening the door, not wanting to appear to be delaying.

I looked up at him and gone was the gentleman from the bar, the man who stood before me was my Master and he clearly intended to show it.

He grasped my hair and pulled me up from the toilet, I had not even flushed but he turned me around and bent me over, my hands grasping desperately at the seat.

He entered the stall and pushed the door shut behind him.  He lifted my skirt and roughly pushed his hand between my legs.

“Spread” he said.

I spread my legs as wide as I could within the small space and I heard his zipper.

The secondary purpose for my wearing the heels became apparent as I realized it brought my ass up to a better height for him.  At 5’9″ it’s not often that I meet a man whom is still taller than me, even with 3 inch heels, so having sex while standing is not usually very comfortable.

He pushed his fingers into my ass and then slid his cock into my pussy.

“Play with your clit” he commanded

The rush of the speed he’d taken me, the risk of discovery had me soaked and desperate.

He pulled my head back and whispered “Beg to come”

His cock thrust inside me, taking my breath away, my fingers stroked rapidly back and forth across my clit…..”Please” I whispered

“Louder” he ordered

I whimpered, afraid of being discovered but needing to cum.

“Please” I asked louder

“Please what slut?”

I groaned…..and whispered again….”Please may I cum”


Nearing the peak I almost shouted “Please may I cum!”

“Mmmmmm yes slut, you may cum”

I bit my lip as I tried not to cry out, his groan accompanied mine as he came inside me.

Exhausted my legs shook, his arms helped me turn around and sit back down, then with a short kiss he was gone.


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