A First Meet….continued

I felt the slap of his crop on my ass, just a couple of slaps, and he told me to turn over and move up on the bed.

“Grip the headboard” he ordered

I reached up and did as he said.

“Arms wider, knees up and legs spread” was his next instruction.

He approached me with my clover clamps and clamped my nipples.  I winced as he twisted them and pulled at them, seeming to test the grip.

He left the clamps on and moved to the end of the bed.

I jumped as he slapped my pussy with his crop.  He slapped it again, and again, getting faster and harder as I struggled to keep my legs open.

I gasped and moaned, my knees pulling side to side as the sting grew into a sharp striking pain with each slap.

“Keep your legs open” he ordered.

I whimpered and opened them wide, crying out as his crop rained down blows onto my sensitive lips.

He had said no safe word, though he knew what mine was, he had said it was his job to know when I could no longer take it….and I wondered as the pain built, how much more could I take.

I struggled, I pulled, I cried out…..but finally he stopped.

He moved to my head and offered me his cock.  I sucked it in eagerly, while he reached down and slipped his fingers inside my throbbing pussy lips.

He finger fucked me while I sucked on his cock, the striking pain fading until he reached down with his other hand and started pulling on the chain that connects the clover clamps.  He pulled and pulled, my body arched as I groaned around his cock.  I needed that cock, I wanted that pain, my head swam.

He took his cock away and brought the mini wand to my clit, his fingers continuing to drive deeply inside me.

I felt my orgasm building and through the fog I heard his voice;

“What do you want slut?”

“To come” I whispered.

“Then ask for it” he responded.

“Can I cum Master” I whispered.

He did not respond, but still his fingers fucked me, the wand buzzed against my clit.

“Please…..” I whined.

Still nothing but his fingers…..

I felt myself getting closer, the waves starting and I knew if I came without permission there would be a price to pay.

I was going to cum….no matter what…..I could not stop it….

“Please please please Master….may I cum?”

I was desperate, I was on the edge…

“Please…” I pleaded louder

“Cum for me slut” he commanded.

My body arched and shook as I came, my pussy gripping his fingers, my legs spreading wider….

I slumped back, exhausted and he let me lay for a minute.

“Floor” he said and I slid obediently to the floor, onto my hands and knees.

He grasped my hair and pulled me along beside him, into the bathroom.

He had me kneel close to the toilet and my stomach was fluttering.

“Don’t worry slut, I won’t ask you that yet” and he proceeded to pee, his cock close to my face.  When he was done he presented his cock to me to clean off, which I did gratefully, the first taste of his pee faint on my tongue.

Again he pulled me alongside him by my hair and we went back into the room.  He got onto the bed and patted the space beside him.  I crawled up and snuggled in under his arm.  We talked a bit and my hand reached down to fondle his cock.

“Is this ok?” I asked

“Yes, in fact if you are not busy with something else you should always be paying attention to my cock.”

We chatted as I played until I could resist no longer and I moved down between his legs.  Looking up at him I took his cock into my mouth, sucking and licking, feeling him grow hard.

He pulled me up and his cock slid slowly inside my pussy, the butt plug was still inside me, the fit was tight.  I could feel his cock moving in and out of me, slipping past the plug and back.

His hands grasped my hips and he slammed into me.

“I think I will cum inside my cunt” he said

He groaned loudly as he came….I tightened my legs around him and collapsed onto his chest.

His arms circled me and I sighed as he petted my head…..home at last 🙂


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