A First Meet….And a First Taste

I was very nervous, even after months of emails, chatting, camming and phone calls, I still was unsure what would happen.

I knocked on his hotel room door and he opened it to let me in.  I babbled a bit as I glanced around and put down my purse.

“Down” he said and I did not hesitate to sink to my knees, even my hands went instinctively behind my back.

With one hand he pulled his cock out of his jeans and with the other he pulled my head to him.  Eagerly I opened my mouth for the first taste of him.  My tongue snaked out and I licked him, then I took him into my mouth, licking and sucking, glad to finally have him inside my mouth.

He pushed his cock deep, chocking me almost immediately and my eyes watered…..but I sucked him deep for more.

He pulled me to my feet and ordered me to strip.  I removed my clothes quickly, a little shy again, and stood before him, naked.

He walked around me, poking, prodding…..inspecting.

“Very nice” he said

I felt completely objectified as he even opened my mouth to inspect my teeth.  The wetness between my legs grew.

He took out my toys and told me to lay face down on the bed, with my legs spread and my feet on the floor.  I could not see him, but I could hear him moving around.  I winced as I felt his finger in my ass, pushing in and out, spreading lube.  He quickly replaced his finger with my butt plug, playing with it, pulling it in and out.  I moaned as my swollen clit pressed against the blankets, then he filled my pussy with his fingers and I arched my ass up for more.

He moved away and I panted a bit as I listened to him get undressed…..I wondered what would be next.

More to come….


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