Hoping he will not read this….in truth, he probably won’t, at least not till after.

First meets, for me at least, first meets always have 1 golden rule; NO PLAY.  First meets are for determining comfort, weighing compatibility, and “sniffing” each other.

No trust… play.  The first meet helps to determine the trust level.

But, I have found myself in the odd spot of having a “first meet” with someone I’ve been chatting and camming with for awhile.  We have found a “comfort zone”, but, still, in person is not the same.

Regardless, he has earned enough of my trust that I have committed to play,…..even meeting in a hotel room.

It’s been many months that we have been “talking” so I truly believe my trust is not misplaced….but still, I have enough police personnel in my family to know it’s still a risk.

However…..I already imagine I feel his hands on me, pinching….pulling, hurting me till I beg :), and that I can’t resist.

I will keep you all updated…..


PS….wish me luck 🙂

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