Kissing….what does it mean to you?

So….kissing… of the most basic things that we learn from a very young age, as we get older it becomes more complicated.

How do you kiss?  Who do you kiss?  Who do you kiss how?

I am a fairly withdrawn person, but I love to kiss passionately.  The issue for me is that in order to give myself into such a kiss I have to really desire and trust the person I am with.

As a strong person I have recently discovered that passionate kissing can be tied into my submissive desires.

In a truly passionate kiss I feel that am giving myself away, displaying my desires, laying myself open to someone else, my “heart” if you will, is on my sleeve.

However in a recent conversation about kissing I worked something out.  There are exactly 3 people in my life that I enjoy kissing passionately, without fear, and without feeling like I am leaving myself vulnerable.

So that means that as part of my growth over the past 2 years I’ve learnt to kiss passionately, without feeling like I am giving something away, and to enjoy it.

But that kiss that says “I am here for your taking” is reserved. 🙂

How do you feel about kissing?


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