It was Monday

She woke a little sad….he was gone.  But she breathed in the quiet, and appreciated her environment.  She groaned as she stretched….his hands had squeezed her tits hard when he woke her for a quick good bye.

As she stretched she winced, the effects of the whip from the weekend were obvious.  She pulled at her chains as she looked at the clock….10 minutes and her cuffs should unlock.

As she waited she thought of him, his hands, his touch, the sharp sting of his whip.  She squirmed as she felt her pussy throb….her breathing grew deeper as she pulled slightly at the chains….she stretched…her nipples reaching for the cold air….


The cuffs released.

She pulled her hands from the metal cuffs, and reached down to her wetness.

Her groans filled the room as she stroked her clit, as her other fingers slipped inside her wetness….she thought of her Master….and his cock chocking her, his whip striking her…..his words filling her ears….his touch pushing her to beg… plead….and her fingers fucked his cunt, her voice groaned his name….begged for permission as she played with her hard sore clit…..

“Cum for me slut” she imagined him saying

And her body jerked, her pussy throbbed, her groans filled the room as she came…..


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