My Nemesis, The Butt Plug

I have to say it, I can’t pretend, I HATE the butt plug.

Do I wear it when I am told to?  Yes (well usually).  Do I use any excuse not to wear it, even when told to?  Yes.

But I have to be honest and ask myself why I hate it so.

Is it just because it hurts going in, no matter how much lube I use?  Is it because of the discomfort I feel as I walk, sit and move about?

Or is it because of the helpless horniness it makes me feel?  One might argue that helplessness is the very nature of being a submissive but somehow for me this feeling is different.

For example, say a Dominant has me tied up and is whipping me, using my body, or doing anything else he wishes with me, am I not helpless?  Well yes and no.  A good Dom is constantly monitoring his submissive so any adjustments or needs can be tended to, should he choose to.  And of course there is begging…..a submissive can always beg for relief and sometimes she may get it.

But there is no one to adjust, attend to or beg for relief when the damm butt plug is in and I am on my way to work!

There is only a feeling of wantonness, of wanting to spread my legs and get fucked, whipped, anything to relieve feeling.

I cannot control it, I cannot stop it, the damm plug just causes it!

So tell me…..why do I hate the butt plug so much?  Is it discomfort?  Or lack of control?


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