Sweet Torture

My instructions were clear, I was not permitted to cum.  But I was told what to do, the position, the clips…..everything maximized to keep me close to cumming.

I waited on my hands and knees, pussy and nipples connected by the entwined chain hanging from the clover clamps.  As I waited the chains dangled, I moaned quietly as I swayed the chain back and forth, feeling the delicious pull.

I arched my back and felt a different pull, just as teasing.

I heard the man behind me’ he knew only that he could use me, he did not know I was not permitted to cum.

He ran his hand over my ass and wasted no time picking up the crop and slapping it lightly against my ass.  He quickly raised his hand higher, coming down harder on my ass.  With each stroke of the leather my body jumped, the clips tugged and my clit throbbed.

He picked up the other whip and peppered both my ass cheeks with it. Before long both cheeks were feeling the sting of either the whip or the crop as he alternated them at will.

I jumped and screeched, I thobbed and needed.

Finally he stopped and stood behind me, pressing his cock between my legs.

I groaned as he pushed slowly inside me, filling my pussy, spreading the lips painfully.

As he picked up tempo and force, fucking me harder, faster, burying his cock inside me, I struggled to hold back from cumming.

My hands balled into fists, I wanted to scream “Please!” but my Master was not there, there was no one to beg for permission, the instructions were clear.

Enjoy the pain, suffer the pleasure, but no cumming.

The clips tugged back and forth as he seemed to fuck me forever, I wanted him to cum and end this torment.

He pulled out and brought back the crop and the whip. This time he whipped between my legs, the touch of the strips against my clit were electric.  I grabbed the blanket, shook my head slowly side to side, soon I would not be able to hold back.

He flipped me over, spread my legs and entered me again.  His body trapped the clips between us and the pull almost pushed me over the edge.

My mind screamed “Cum!”, my mouth moaned loudly…..finally he came and pulled out…ending my torture, leaving me to my torment.


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