Submissive = do anything to me?

Oddly enough one of the things I have enjoyed, and hopefully will continue to enjoy about my journey into submission are the new things I learn each day, and the great conversations I have with Doms, other submissives and people just interested in the lifestyle.

As I have gotten used to all the things I enjoy and surprisingly enjoy, things I’d never expected to want, I have now started to discuss and question the flip side.

Example; I love to be manhandled and used, but would I want a night with a biker gang that just abuses women?  No.

What’s the difference?  Caring and respect, yes that’s what I said, caring and respect.

The people I spend time with, and will want to get to know and spend time with in the lifestyle are the people that understand that submission is a gift and that accepting it is a responsibility.

A biker gang just looks at the body before them as a thing, lower than their bike and their dog.

A good Dom’s role is to push his submissive, stretch their limits, and his responsibility is to know where that limit is, and when it can not be pushed any further.  A submissive hands her control over to her Dom, trusting that he will push her, control her, and protect her.

Someone once said to me “I want to bend you, not break you.”  What fun would I be as a broken shell?

Actually my marriage has taught me that I don’t like myself as a shell.  I am working on my marriage and my goal is to make it work, but not at the cost of myself.

So are there submissives that just want to be used, and it does not matter by whom?  Absolutely, in fact the lower they are made to feel the better for them.  That is their kink, their enjoyment, that is what makes them tick.

But submissives are just people, we all have our own kink, it’s what makes the world of D/s go around, the differences, NOT the same rules for everyone.

ttyl, beth

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