Between 2 Chairs

I had a vision, an idea of a position that might be interesting in play, and I shared this idea with my lover…..and this is what happened next.

He placed two chairs in the middle of the room, two ordinary wooden kitchen chairs, and then he placed a cushion on each chair.  He helped me onto the chairs, one knee on each and my body tingled as I felt exactly what I had imagined; completely open and vulnerable.

I had noticed that when I was spread out on the bed I tended to pull my legs together as I struggled, and kneeling on the chairs prevented that.

I held onto the arms of each chair as he inspected his work.

“Comfy?” he asked

I nodded.

My heart started to pound as he slipped a blindfold over my eyes, and attached a ball gag to my mouth.

He pushed me forward from the waist and his fingers started to explore my wet pussy.  He spread my juices over my ass and pushed a butt plug into me.  The plug was larger than what I was used to and my cries filled the room.  He persisted and was rewarded with my trembling groaning body.

He then flicked on the vibrating wand and it’s touch was like a jolt of electricity.

I held on to the chairs as I jerked and yelped.  The plug had made my clit a swollen throbbing bundle of nerves and I wanted desperately to pull my legs closed, to jerk away from the wand but I could not.  All I could do was scream as he moved the wand back and forth.

My thighs shook, my body convulsed, I wanted him to stop, I never wanted him to stop, I arched and reached.

I struggled to catch my breath as he took away the wand and immediately followed by pushing his fingers into me.  He played with the plug as he pushed in and out, my clit throbbed, my head swam, babbling sounds came from me as he filled me.

He slipped away and I heard him rustle around.  Suddenly searing pain rushed through me as he attached clips to my nipples.  He pulled on the chain, watching me strain toward him.

He let the chain slap down against my body and brought back the wand.

This time he did not play, he did not tease, he pushed it hard against my clit and I struggled.  I was not tied but my hands pulled at the arms of the chair, I could not protect any of my body, he pulled the chain, he pressed the wand and all I could do was groan and beg.

I came in a rush, my body taut, arched in pleasure.

As my trembling subsided he took the wand away and I slumped.  My head hung and every muscle shook.

Little whimpers came from me, I groaned as he slid the plug from my ass, I gasped as his hand stroked lightly over my throbbing soaked pussy.

I could barely nod as he whispered into my ear “Was that what you were imagining?”


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