Is it time?

March 16th, 2011.

The day he released me, the day I cried…..and many since.

Every day I miss him, but of all the things he taught me, one of the most important is to not let who I am, what I am, be lost forever.

So, with this in mind I have met a Dom and am considering a new D/s relationship.

Before I met “him” I never sought ownership, and after, it is not something I am looking for.  I am even tempted to stay in my shell and just go back to fantasy.  But I remember him, and all his effort would be lost if I did that.

So I have clicked with someone who is interested in tasking me, furthering my training and then who knows.

He understands that my true desire is to be with the one I believe I am meant to serve, and he will work around that.

I cannot have the other, but life goes on.  It is important that I explore the desires and stretch my limits, something I don’t do well alone.

Today I posted a pic…..the first task he gave me was to purchase a butt plug I will be “happy”, (ha) to wear daily, apparently anal training is to start immediately. *shiver*

Thank you sir, I accept your training outlines and am looking forward to being a good subbie (challenges and all) to you.



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