Max Shares….

Max, my bgf, her Dom, and I meet  in a hotel for some Afternoon Delight.

The door was opened by my bgf and her Dom….”We did not order room service” he said

“No, but someone ordered water” and he laughed…”yes, good idea…water is useful in these situations”

We went in and we all tried to find our spot.  Not a physical spot to sit but more a mental and social place to be comfortable and to fit in.  I had already been with my bgf (as you know if you’ve been following along) and with her Dom but Max did not know them.  He had met my bgf for a quick hello and a drink but not more than that.  But to me Max had been all encompassing.  This, I’m sure, was a great consideration and concern to my bgf and her Dom as we’d all established a bond.
So we all chatted and got comfy.  Oh and add to this my lack of experience with 4 somes compared to theirs.
It was not long before Max gave into his natural desires and bent me over the bed….he pulled up my skirt and started to play.
My bgf and her Dom moved to a leather comfy chair and he had her disrobe….as Max played, licked and loved my ass I admired her pretty red Corset….”You look lovely in red” I said
Max moved me around to face them, still on all fours, so he could play with me and I could watch them.
As she faced me, on her knees on the chair, her Dom behind her, playing….we smiled at each other as we moaned.  She leaned over to kiss me and Max grabbed my hair

“Did you ask?  Did I give you permission to kiss her?”

I groaned as a thrill passed through me, and I hung my head a bit “No, may I kiss her?”

“No”  he said as he pulled my head away by my hair

I whimpered and gasped as he pushed his fingers into me.  I heard her moaning as her Dom manipulated her….from under my hair I watched her face.

I heard Max drop his pants, heard the belt and waited.  He wrapped it around my thigh, pulling my lip into it and stretching it….then he did the same thing on the other side.

He lay the belt across my back and left it there.  I felt his finger inside of me…2….2 more…stretching….felt him opening me.  I groaned, moaned….tossed my head….listened to the moans from my bgf and shivered.

He pushed deeper, stretched me wider….and I glanced at my bgf….saw her looking behind me and turned my head.  I was shocked as I realized there was a wall length mirror behind me.  I groaned “I did not realize there was a mirror”….my bgf laughed, “didn’t you?”

I looked behind me I saw what they saw….my ass….my pussy…all open and spread….

Finally Max allowed me to kiss my bgf….our lips touched…our tongues danced….groaning against each others mouths as fingers continued to push their way into us.

Max removed his fingers and picked up the crop, I jumped as he started to slap my ass, thighs and pussy.  I found myself arching more, opening wider….wanting to feel the sting.  I heard small yelps from my bgf and looked up to see her Dom was slapping her ass….between her thighs….her eyes were closed as she moaned.

Max found an angle, a spot, that had me panting….torn between wanting to scream stop and never wanting it to stop.

My bgf started moaning louder, I lifted my head and watched her….I could not see what her Dom was doing but whatever it was, it was working!  Her moans filled the room as her face was awash with pleasure, I watched her cumming, hearing myself moan, sharing in this with her.

Max pushed me closer to her, allowing me to suck and nibble at her nipple….adding to both our sensations.

Then he had me stand and bent me over, leaning my arms on the chair, while her Dom had her turn over.  As she looked up at me we waited….and were told to kiss, which we did with great pleasure, once again caressing tongues.

Max pulled my head away by my hair and I was left to watch the expressions pass over her face as her Dom pulled out some clips and attached them to her nipples.

Max pushed my legs further apart and spread some lube over my ass….getting out his ribbed glass dildo and slowly inserting it into me.  When it was pushed inside of me he reached over and started to pinch my nipples, pulling at them, squeezing them.

They both encouraged my bgf to lick and suck my nipples….she sucked one, he painfully pinched the other.  I shuddered at the contradicting sensations….moaning as he pushed the dildo in another notch.

I watched her Dom with the riding crop between her thighs and saw her arch in pleasure.

As Max continued to pinch my nipples, harder…pulling till I yelped….the oiled dildo started to slip from my ass.  He pushed it back in…”Are you pushing it out?” he asked

“No” I groaned back “it must be the oil”

He grabbed my head roughly by my hair “Are you making excuses?”

I groaned as he pulled my head back….”no” I whimpered

He moved close against my side, he pulled my head close to him and he wrapped his hand around my throat.  While he pinched my nipple he pressed his hand against my throat…I moaned and breathed against him.  He exerted more pressure, pinched harder, I was dizzy with the pain, head swimming from his strength, lost in the pleasure.

When he let me go I grabbed the chair for support, my legs shaking, my lungs breathing deeply.

I opened my eyes and watched my bgf writhing on the chair in the throes of another orgasm, her Dom’s fingers buried deep inside her, her legs open wide, her back arched.

As we both came down the men started to move us around again…me back on the bed on all fours, ass to the mirror and her on her knees on the chair, her legs open, her arms resting on the back of the chair.  Facing each other, close enough to kiss when allowed.

Max started to squeeze and slap my pussy, I jumped with each slap, never sure where it was going to land.  I watched her face as her dom played with her….she bit her lip, she groaned, sometimes letting out a little yelp.

Her Dom spoke to me….”Guess what I’m doing”

Knowing no answer was really required I waited….”I’ve got 4 fingers up her ass and look how she’s enjoying it”

I saw her eyes go wide “4” she mouthed incredulously and moaned again as he pushed.

My pussy was burning, my lover was all over, driving me crazy.  I could only hear the moans of my bgf as my lover pushed my head down into the bed and thrust his fingers in and out of me.  I throbbed and shuddered, moaned and pulled at the covers.

He pulled me back up by my hair and whispered into my ear “Are you enjoying, MY sex toy?”

“Yes” I groaned out

Her Dom piped up…”Did you thank him for using you so well?”

Max yanked my hair, waiting…”Thank you” I whispered

He yanked again “For?”

I groaned out “For using me”

“Good girl” he said and he kissed me deeply.

What a fun afternoon 🙂  I like it when Max shares his sex toy 🙂


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