It Started With A Threat….Turned Over :)

He released my ankles and wrists, he let me walk around a bit, get some water, and freshen up while he waited patiently.

I returned to the bedroom to see him waiting.

“Ready?” he asked.

With a nervous smile I got back onto the bed, this time on my back.

He repeated the same basic position, legs and arms spread, ankles and wrists attached tightly and then he held up my new clover nipple clamps.

I held my breath while he attached the first one.  My eyes opened wide at the pain, it was more than I expected.  He attached the other and watched me breath fast, trying to settle into the pain.

He watched my face as he pulled onto the chain, up and down, tugging it, smiling at my gasps.

Leaving the clips for the moment he moved between my legs.  He pushed a butt plug into my ass and flicked on the wand, I strained against the restraints as he pushed it against my clit.

I groaned as he teased me with it, pushing it hard against me, pulling it slightly away.

He lifted the hood of my clit and applied it directly, listening to me howl.

Like a kid he played, pushing, pulling, sometimes taking the wand away and pinching my clit between his fingers.

As my body adjusted, and my moans grew quieter he started to pull on the chain attached to the clips.

I arched and yelled.  The pain shot though my whole body, I tossed my head side to side….the clips, the wand…..moving around and around.

My voice felt strained as I could not seem to stop moaning.  My body was stiff as I tried to lift to ease the pull on my nipples.

I heard him chuckle “I can do this all night.”

I nearly sobbed as I realized he would not stop.  I grit my teeth, determined not to give in.

He may have noticed my determination as he shifted position and knelt beside my waist, and began to pull the chain from side to side, not giving me a chance to get used to the grip.

Shivers seemed to go through my body, first one side, then the other.  The grip of the clips shooting sensations down each side as he shifted them.

I was pulling at the restraints, I wanted to spread my legs wider, I needed to feel that wand more……I strained against it, my body was tight, my mind was loose.

And still he kept going, I felt myself waning, he pulled the chain higher, I yelped and screamed……my safe word spilling over and over from my lips.

He held the chain high for a moment, watching me and finally he let go.

He turned off the wand as I lay shuddering.  He put his face near mine and with his hand on one of the clams he whispered “This is going to hurt.”

I screamed as he released the clip and I felt dizzy.  I did not even notice his hand move to the other clip until the pain shot through me.

He released my bonds and sat back on the bed.

I rolled onto my tummy and curled up next to him.

We talked…….


3 thoughts on “It Started With A Threat….Turned Over :)

  1. Have you ever had an original thought. Your writing is so predictable….get a life, stop living through your blog. I see you as a pathetic middle aged woman who is desperately trying to get what she never had. You will do anything for attention. How sad.

    • Shame you don’t enjoy my writing, but we all have the right to read what we enjoy. Funny thing is that what you are commenting actually happened, so original or not…..I did not notice him reading from a script. But by all means, feel free to not read my blog 🙂

  2. @ Sammie, i know fromacoccoon personnaly and she does NOT live her life through her blog…and even if she did, so fucking what. If it makers HER happy. It is quite lame of you to come down on her like that. YOU are probably commenting negatively due to a non existent sex life or if it is, it is with your right hand…. My own 2 cents…;)

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