Laying In Wait….a novelette

He waited in the dark, blending with the shadows, watching the occasional person go by without noticing him.

It grew quiet, the passing people were fewer and fewer.  Then he heard the click of heels against the pavement and his breath came quicker with anticipation.

The heel sounded sharp, a woman alone, vulnerable.

He pressed closer to the wall and prepared.

When she came around the corner he hesitated, he was taken aback.  She was taller than he expected, his practiced ear had told him smaller.  He watched her pass so close to him that he could smell her, not her perfume, her.  It was a scent…..something….then it was gone, as was she, walking further away, down the street, unaware of the threat in the shadows.

He continued to watch her, struck by her stride, her confidence, the way her eyes seemed to take in everything, but focus on nothing.

Frustrated and not sure why, he moved away, down the street, to another dark corner.

The next day she shook her head over the news; a woman attacked, right in her neighborhood.  The 3rd one in as many months.

“When will people be more aware” she thought as she got ready for work.


Only a week had gone by when he found himself in the same dark place, waiting, restless.

His heart quickened as he heard her heels, he dared not move as she past by him.

He followed quietly, at a distance, and watched her climb her stairs, open her door and enter the dark hallway.

He waited and was rewarded by her silhouette as she turned on a light, now he knew which windows was hers.  He smiled as he thought of coming back anytime, day or night, and watching her.

She moved away from the window and he waited a bit.  When she did not return he turned and walked away, whistling quietly.


It was Saturday and she locked the door behind her.  She turned her face to the sun and soaked it in for a moment before heading down the street towards the market.  Saturday always brought the freshest goods to the market, and the time to linger over her favorite coffee and bagel.

She did not notice him lingering at the corner, nor following her at a distance, nor sitting a few tables away as she enjoyed her coffee.  He watched, she lived.

As he watched her move amongst the vendors, choosing her goods, sometimes negotiating the price; he wanted her.

But he did not want to take her like the others, he wanted her to come to him, to want him.  Then he would take her.

He smiled imagining her cries as she begged him…..

More to come…..


2 thoughts on “Laying In Wait….a novelette

  1. Damn!!
    its like you dont k ow if he is the stalker or just a coincidence occurance that he picked her.

    You are good at this.

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