Swim inspired erotica 3

He slid deep inside her mouth, she gagged slightly as he touched the back of her throat.

He pushed in, he pulled out, everyone was forgotten as she reached eagerly for his hardness.

Her hands lifted reactively until she felt the strong gentle fingers on her shoulder.  The fingers squeezed, her hands dropped to her sides and she felt her juices run as her Masters hand caressed her shoulder gently.

As the cock slid in and out, deeper, gagging her, taking her breath away, her core trembled….her clit throbbed.

Big hands gripped her hair, pushing her scalp closer, pulling her head away…her fingers curled, struggling to stay at her sides.

The cock filled her mouth, she could not breathe, tears flowed from her eyes, but she could not stop.

She wanted this cock, she needed this cock……

She felt him throb, she sucked harder, she opened wider…..

With a groan he pulsed, gasping she swallowed…..but still she felt him dripping out of her mouth…..down her chin…..

Finally he finished, her mouth was full, sore and throbbing…..he pulled out slowly and more cum ran from her mouth, down her chin and onto her sexy cleavage.

His hands still in her hair he pulled her up……he guided her back to her stool.  She licked her lips as she leaned against the back of the stool.

“Very nice slut…..” he said

She watched as he turned and walked away, her eyes starting to focus again on the room around her.  Her face flushed…..

“Look at me” her Master commanded quietly

She turned to him and looked into his eyes.  He smiled and ran his finger along her still cum soaked lips.

He held his finger up, and she licked it eagerly.

A moan escaped her as she saw the pleasure in his eyes.

“Time to go” he said

He reached for her hand and helped her off her stool.  Her legs were shaky but she followed him slowly, her eyes downcast.

“Stand proud slut” he said

She lifted her chin and looked around as they left.

She met an eye here or there, and many appreciative smiles.

The cum grew sticky in her cleavage as they encountered the cool night air.

His hand gripped hers tight, his face promised special treatment to come….


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