Strength vs Vulnerability

As a late in life submissive the battle between being submissive and being perceived as weak is one that never seems to go away.

Things happen, conversations occur, orders are given, eyes go down and a deed is done.

An order is given, a back goes up and confusing occurs.

When is a fear a limit?  How do you know it’s ok to push the limit?

When does a submissive back down because she knows it’s right, and when is she backing down because she is being weak?

Can you be strong and vulnerable at the same time?  I can hear everyone now, hollering “of course!”

BUT, people…..has this not been a complaint made by many women about their men?  That when they are strong, they are “macho” and then when they are vulnerable…..they are perceived as weak?

Bit of a double standard…..are women being “played with” when men say it’s ok to be vulnerable….that they are really still strong?  That they are not really giving up their power?



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