Swim inspired erotica

They sat at the bar side by side, their eyes meeting occasionally in the mirror.  She was nervous, he was calm; he bought her another Martini, watching her intently as she sipped.

They spoke in low tones about their day, seemingly innocent conversation, while she tried to ignore the breeze on her bare pussy, her skirt short and barely covering it, her legs open as instructed.

Then so low she almost missed it “Wipe your fingers along your wet slit and feed your juices to me”

She took a deep breath and casually reached down.  Hoping no one was noticing she tried not to groan as her fingers touched her excitement.  She could not help but linger a moment…..then she slowly brought her fingers up to his mouth.

He licked them softly “mmmmm”

“Now push your fingers inside yourself, hold them there for 10 seconds.  I’ll count, then feed me again”

With a whimper she reached down, her eyes on his in the mirror, she struggled not to look around to see if anyone was watching.

She slipped her fingers inside herself and waited.  His voice was low as he counted, the seconds seemed endless, she found herself wanting to thrust….”10″

With a quiet sigh she removed her fingers, now sticky soaked and held them to his lips.  He stared straight at her for a moment, she wanted to squirm, knowing someone had to be noticing by now….and he slowly sucked her fingers into his mouth.

He let her fingers slip from his mouth and he held them to her nose.

“Can you still smell yourself?”

“Yes Sir” she whispered.

“Why is that?” he asked.

With a moan she mumbled out the response she knew he expected “Because I’m a slut Sir”

“I’m sorry, I did not hear that, louder please” he ordered

Her eyes pleaded with him, she did not think she was ready for this….


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