Am I ready for this? My thank you letter….

As I said, I am transferring my favorite stuff from my old blog to my new one…..this was important to me, and still is.

As I struggle each day with missing him…..I knew this post was there and I waited….but here it is.  Written a few month ago.


I once heard the phrase “I kept wondering what was going to do it?  What was going to break us up”.

I don’t remember where I heard it but it has stuck in the back of my mind for years.  Every once in a while it pops up as appropriate.

I always felt it was a sad phrase, it is said by a woman about a relationship that has just ended.  She is expressing that she went into the relationship with the expectation of the break up.

Now that I have so many new and dear friends it occurs to me more often.  I reflect on my relationships, lovers, friends, and wonder who I will lose, how and when.  And how it will affect me.  I went for so long as a loner… is scary to think that what fills my life full now will one day be taken from me.  Yes dramatic….but I can be that!

My owner has used the phrase “one way or the other I will own you forever”….rather Gorean, which we are not, but I understand what he means.  Some bonds never break.

I often consider giving him up for the greater good, but I know that is not true, my reasons to consider giving him up are selfish and self preserving.  He knows I “run” at the drop of a hat and has caught me several times trying to do just that.  Each time he dragged (drug?) me back and made me deal with my issues.

I am lucky he is so patient and caring with me.  As I have told him, I would have kicked my own ass to the curb long ago!

As each day comes and goes, new challenges are fought, new lessons learnt and our bond strengthens.

I have also learnt he is human….lol….no really!  A Dom with faults (shhh don’t tell him I said that), moods and room to learn.  That is something I really love about him.

I see new challenges coming at us fast, so before we get there I just wanted to say Thank You Sir….we’ve come far.


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