Day 3….and a little erotica :)

Today is a day with lot of little things to keep me busy.  Some work, some house hold and some personal….tomorrow will be a day of “busy work”.

I foresee issues tomorrow, trying to anticipate and head them off at the pass.

But this morning……let me share my masturbation inspiration with you……

She felt him get up from the bed and she could feel his eyes on her.  She was curled with her backside towards him, and she knew he was inspecting her body.  Admiring the bruises, the strap marks…..some old, some new…..some from him, some from the others.  She tried to keep her breathing steady but her lips curled in a small smile.

“Follow me slut” he said sternly.

She felt herself pulse at his command and she slipped to the floor, crawling behind him as he made his way to the bathroom.

With a sidelong glance he told her “You cannot fool me, your scent gave you away”

In the bathroom she knelt beside him as he busied himself with morning preparations.

“I must get ready for work and I would like to be entertained while I do”

She waited.

“Go get your toy” he ordered

She crawled back into the bedroom, took her favorite toy from the drawer and returned to the bathroom.  Her favorite toy was not fancy, merely a smooth dildo that slid very easily into her, that fit in most purses….and that was fairly innocent looking.

She waited beside him.

“Lie on your back on the floor, spread your legs and fuck yourself.  Bring yourself close to cumming, but do not cum without permission.” he instructed.

She was a little surprised, there was no real “foreplay” and she hated the bathroom floor.  She did not think it would be easy to bring herself close to cumming…..but one look at his face told her that he was not in the mood for a discussion.

With a heavy sigh, which drew a look from him, she lay on the floor and spread her legs.  She reached down with the toy and was shocked to find herself quite wet.  Her toy slid inside easily.  His eyes were watching her.

She could not help but moan as she pushed the toy in and out, her fingers wandered to her clit and she started to stroke it.

“Yes slut, stroke your clit, but fuck harder and faster” he said as he started to walk around her, taking care of his daily routine.

Shockingly she felt herself about to cum!  She slowed her fingers….

“Faster I said” he commanded

She groaned and moving her fingers faster she started to babble….begging, feeling the storm gathering, knowing it was mere seconds away…

“Please may I cum…please….please….Sir…may I cum?”

“No” he said

And she took a deep breath, trying to control her body.

“Harder” he said

She panted and pleaded…..”Please Sir…..may I cum?”

Her eyes met his and with a smile he answered “Yes slut, cum for me”

Her body arched as the spasms ripped through her, her cries echoed in the room and she came for him…..his eyes on hers.

PS…..true confession… took longer to write this than it did for me to cum to the thoughts this morning 🙂


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