A slutty giggle

This morning as I swam my laps I was deep in thought, as I usually am, and I thought of something that made me laugh so hard I swallowed pool water.  And I am sharing this giggle with you all here, even before I share it with “him”, aren’t I the rebel?!

I understand but I am still struggling with the word slut.  While I understand the difference between the “slut” term used in high school to describe “bad girls”, or by snotty “holier than thou” types when “shocked” by the lovely view of long legs in high heels and a short skirt, or smooth cleavage that is just barely covered, and the “slut” term used in the lifestyle.

In the lifestyle a slut is a compliment, it’s a term of endearment, and it’s a character trait.

My owner has often spoke of helping me become what I truly am, but have kept locked away, which I believe is the case for many of us “late in life” submissives.

Now I understand my mind that wanders to thoughts of being fucked, no matter what is happening around me.  I understand better my constant desire to search out and watch porn, my “odd” need to escape to the bathroom in the middle of the day for a quick cum….it is simply how I am made.

So the term slut is not derogatory, it is factual and a character description.  A slut in the lifestyle is merely a woman (can it be a man too?) who enjoys lots of sex, lots of different ways, and is not ashamed to admit it, or to show it, and is no longer hampered by society’s rules (only on the 3rd date) etc.

Now comes the next confusion…..when someone says “you are a dirty nasty slut”….that is harder to see as a compliment.  After all, look up the words;

dirty; soiled with dirt;  foul; unclean / vile; mean; sordid; contemptible / undesirable or unpleasant; thankless …. there is more but you get the idea

nasty; physically filthy; disgustingly unclean / offensive to taste or smell / very unpleasant or disagreeable / and my personal favorite; morally filthy; obscene; indecent

The very core of the words cannot be changed, so I am seeking to get beyond that and to see the “love and respect” if you will, behind terms such as “dirty nasty slut”.

While I was swimming today I started to think about how to best express my confusion; and I came up with an example.  I thought of saying; “For example, if we were in a nice restaurant, and the waiter approached, you would not normally say “I will have a coke and my dirty nasty slut will have a martini””.

Well, as I pictured the scene in my head I laughed out loud and nearly choked on pool water!

That is my sharing of my giggle with you all today….onward goes the journey.


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