Naughty Fun With Max

As I casually watch the news with my mother I wonder…can she see it?  Can she smell it?  I can smell the excitement of myself through my thin pants….after having just come in from outside….the air fresh, the wind light….and his hands all over me.
But I jump ahead of myself…..since I am staying with my mother until my final move, my movements are even more restricted.  How do you tell your mother that her married daughter wants to go out to have wild sex with her lover?  You don’t…you get creative.
So tonight, after easing the hubby’s mind through chat….and casually mentioning to mom that I want to get some fresh air….off I go for my “walk”.   At the bottom of the street is my prize…my lover….ready to squeeze, grab, slap and play with any part of me he can get his hands on.
First we sat in his car on a main street, near a street light, and we kissed….boy did we kiss!  Mmmm….I adore his lips, his tongue….I can still feel the slight roughness of his skin against mine….the tingle where his teeth nipped at my nipples.
He smiled at me as he reached into his bag and pulled out my collar…..”for MY sex toy” he said as he wrapped it around my neck.  I smiled….”maybe you should put my initials on it”

“I think I will get you a special one” he said as he pulled a chain from the bag and fastened it to the collar….he tugged.

He reached into my pants and felt me dripping already, he pushed his fingers in deep….then brought them to my lips.  I licked and sucked my juices from his fingers….tasting how he affected me.

“Lets go outside” he said…he tugged at the chain again….”leave this on”

I zipped up my jacket and tucked the chain inside as I got out of the car, he grabbed my ass and squeezed as we walked across the parking lot, towards the river.

As we walked he pulled the chain out….and pulled me close to him….using it like a leash.

We scanned for a spot….and he found the perfect tree….with some branches dipping low to the ground, but a trunk I could lean against.  He turned me around and pushed me against the tree….he wasted no time exposing my ass to the air, his fingers once again finding their way into my wetness….I groaned and gripped the tree….wanting more!

He worked fingers from both hands into me, some from the front, some from the back….stretching me…knowing I love that.

As I moaned and felt shivers run down my back he asked….”what do you want…..tell me…”
I groaned again…feeling him deep inside me…”you” I whispered.

He moved behind me and with no trouble slipped inside me….I leaned further over….wanting to feel him thrusting in and out.

I knew we did not have much more time and I wanted to taste him….needed to taste him….

Finally he wrapped his hands in my hair and pushed me to my knees…..he teased me at first….holding himself just inches from my mouth.  I whimpered….even heard myself whine…and finally he let me taste.  I tasted my juices, I tasted his skin…and when he drove deep into my throat I relaxed it to accept him.

Eagerly I sucked…licked….groaned when he pulled me away by my hair.

“Do you want me to cum in your mouth” he asked

“yes….yes….please…” I whispered.

He groaned as he pushed himself into my mouth again….driving deeper….gagging me and holding my head tightto him.

I waited, I breathed….I hoped….and when he was ready….when he had enjoyed my mouth, he drove deep one last time and with a loud groan he came against the back of my throat, his juice filling my mouth.
Gratefully I held him there…tasting and swallowing….hearing his groans of pleasure…..
mmmm……how can she not know…..I wonder….as I watch the news with my mother…..


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