A memory…..a beautiful Saturday :)

My bgf and I went out  one beautiful Saturday, one I will always remember….to enjoy a day of sun, strolling and many laughs!

 Well we got all of that and more.  We had a wonderful lunch outside, laughing and chatting.  We walked our lunch off and then some…we shopped until we quite literally dropped into the car and we shared a few changing rooms.

One in particular gave us a funny memory.  We decided to try some lingerie on at Macy’s so we went around picking out stuff that would look good, on each other and ourselves, and off we went to share a changing room.

Well we decided she (my bgf) really needed an updated measurement for her bra size so off I went to find the Macy’s measurer…..

The measurer was a sweet, slightly mousy and shy lady, perhaps late 20s and when she entered the changing room with my bgf clad only in bra and thong and me having just tried on a new bra myself I thought she was going to have a heart attack.

I’m not sure what threw her….2 girls half naked in the changing room together (maybe she had watched one too many porn movies herself) or that we were obviously having fun!  No shy hiding of boobs in that room!

Well she stood as close to the door as she could get, held the measuring tape up like a cross to a couple of vampires and proceeded to point out, from a distance, how a bra should fit.  She was very careful not to get too close….despite my urging that she really should measure….instead she preferred to say that since the bra my bgf had on was too small the next size would be better!

Well I have snickered and giggled to myself ever since….I think next time I will just plant a wet kiss on my bgf and be done with it!
Hope everyone has lots of laughs in their lives like I do


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