Erotic Daydream….an ongoing story

Today as I drove to work, in pain and uncomfortable, I thought of a “scenario” that made me smile and forget the pain for just a minute.
The scene continued to grow and now I must write it down.

One morning at breakfast he looked at her and smiled. “It’s time” he said

She smiled back at him, “Time for what?” she asked
He got up from the table, “Remove your robe and bend over the table, I will be back in a minute”

A little thrill passed through her, she loved prework playing!
As she waited she could feel herself grow wet with anticipation.
When he returned she heard him rustling a bag.  She knew she was not allowed to raise her head so she waited.
“Open your legs further and use your hands to spread your ass cheeks”
She felt a nudge of fear as she realized what he was referring to.  Her experience with anal was very limited and he had always told her that one day he would train her ass; to stretch her, to make her able to take, and enjoy whatever he would want to see inside her.
She gasped as she felt the cool lube hit her skin, relaxed a little as she felt his fingers slowly spreading the lube, caressing her as he did.
Then she tensed as she felt him start to push something smooth inside her ass.  She bit her lip as her ass muscles protested painfully at the invasion.
A few seconds of pain and it was in.  She waited, felt the pain subside, leaving her with a dull ache.  He pushed at it a bit, played with it a bit and then pulled her up.
“Ok, you can get ready for work now”
“But…..this stays in?”
“Yes” he said
“For how long?” she whispered
“Until I say to remove it” he replied
She winced as she moved away, trying to adjust to this thing inside her ass.
The effect on her was quite surprising.  While it hurt and ached it also caused an intense desperate need to cum, to get fucked, to be played with.   By the time he told her she could remove it (3 hours later) she was practically panting and her eyes were glazed over.
Unfortunately when she awoke the next day her ass was quite sore.
“Oh well” she thought “I can deal with that”
As she finished breakfast he smiled, “Go get the plug”
She stared at him in shock “Again?” she asked.
“Yes” he said.
“But that’s 2 days in a row” she protested.
He cocked his head as he looked at her “Do you normally train at the gym everyday?”
“Yes” she whispered, her head down.
“Then don’t make me tell you again”.
She got up from the table, retrieved the plug and let her robe drop to the floor.  He waited as she bent over the table, opened her legs and reached back to spread her ass cheeks.
As the cool lube hit her she tried to relax, she winced as he pushed the plug into her, a small moan escaped her lips as he twisted it a bit.
He pulled her up “Good girl” he said, “Now go get ready for work”
That day was less pleasure and more pain, but she persevered until he allowed her to remove it.
This went on for 3 weeks, with him increasing the size of the plug each week until she tearfully accepted the large plug.  He was almost beaming as he sent her off to work and that helped her make it through.
Each weekend was her break, her days passing normally and on the Sunday after the 3rd week she wondered what the next week held.  Another week of the large plug?
She was to find out.
As she finished breakfast the next day he told her to remove her robe and get on all fours on the floor.
She was fearful but she obeyed.
“Now spread your knees as wide as you can and put your hands together behind your back.
She shivered as she lay her cheek against the floor and he took her hands and bound them behind her back.
She jumped as she felt the cold lube, she felt him behind her, his hands spreading the lube.  She almost moaned in relief as he slid his cock into her pussy.  She was shocked to discover he slid in so easily, that she was already so wet.
“Ummm, maybe I did not need the lube” he commented
His strokes excited her, his hands on her hips pulling her to him, she felt her pussy throbbing.
Then he pulled out and started to push into her ass.  Her cries could be heard from outside as he pushed slowly into her.  In and out he went, slowly, as she tried to bite back her pleas.
Just when she thought she could not stand anymore he grunted and came inside her ass.
After a minute he undid her hands and helped her up.  He kissed her gently and guided her to the shower.  He started the water for her and helped her in.
“Enjoy your shower” he said and he left her to get ready for her day, her ass throbbing painfully, his cum still dripping from her.
All day she could almost feel him, the pain stayed with her, slowly fading to a dull ache.
The next morning at breakfast she was very nervous.  Surely he would give her a day to rest.
When she rose from the table, her breakfast finished, he said “I am almost done, you may wait for me on the floor, same position as yesterday”
She tried to think of an excuse, an argument, a reason…..but knowing it was no use she let her robe fall to the floor and got down, her cheek pressed against the floor, her hands behind her, her knees spread.
After a minute she felt the bite of the leather straps into her wrists.  Was it her imagination or were they tighter?
Again he started by sliding into her wet pussy, again she thrilled at the feel of him inside her and she filled with fear as she felt him withdraw.
This time he was not as gentle, not as slow…..her cries were louder and punctuated with “please, no more”.
As he came inside her ass he pulled her tight against him, going deeper, listening to her scream.
Again he pulled her gently to her feet, he kissed her and wiped her tears.  She was weak and he helped her into the shower, adjusting the water.
“Relax” he said “The shower will do you good”
And he left her to get ready for her day.
At the end of the day she was frantic.  She did not think she could take another morning, she really thought she needed a break but she did not know how to convince him.
The next morning she ate slowly, trembling inside.  As she ate the last bite of toast she felt his eyes on her.  She looked up at him with silent pleading.  He smiled.
“You know what to do” he said
Knowing there was no choice, she once again let her robe fall and got onto the floor.  Her eyes filled with tears before he even touched her.  She tried to strengthen her resolve, she could do this for him!
The straps bit harder into her wrists, perhaps because of the marks remaining from the previous days.  She moaned as his cock slipped into her pussy, she started to relax as he took longer, he moved slower, teasing her a bit.  She felt her back arching, her thighs quivering as he pushed in….pulled out…..stroking her.
Her head raised off the floor with a scream as he swiftly withdrew from her pussy and thrust into her ass.
Through the haze of the stabbing pain she felt something else.  She was filled with need and conflict.  The need to stop it, the need to finish it, the need to please him and the need to cum.
Her cries turned to sobs as the pain won over and once again he came in her ass.
He pulled her gently to her feet, kissed her gently and said “Soon my sweet sub, you will enjoy it more than I do”
He helped her into the shower…..
ttyl, Beth

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